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Condensed Samoyed Breed Standard


Curly, wavy, flat, droopy, soft or silky outercoat is extremely undesirable. An overly excessive coat length is seen as an exaggeration of the standard and is a fault. Extremely short, smooth coats are not typical as well and are a fault. A Lack of undercoat – with seasonal consideration is a fault. A coat that parts down the back is a fault too.

Unprovoked aggressiveness.

Unsound stifles or cow hocks.

Double joints; feet turning in or out; splayed or cat footed; double hooked tail.

Choppy or stilted gait; out at shoulders or elbows; rounded or protruding eyes; over or undershot jaws.

Objectionable faults: short legs; straight stifles; long or weak back; close coupled; clumsy or racy body; barrel chested; low or high tail set; round or apple head; coarse or snippy muzzle; large, small, pointed or bear ears.

The Samoyed is a working breed and therefore any faults of soundness are taken seriously.

The above faults are some of the more serious faults of the breed and deviation from the ideal breed standard is penalized to the extent of the deviation. Please see the CKC and AKC Breed standard for more information.


Any color other than pure white, cream, biscuit or white and biscuit.
Blue Eyes.

Illustrations of Samoyed Standard Compared to Undesirable Physical Traits

Bone Structure to Coat Relationship:

Movement, Gait, and Feet:

Front and Rear End Natural Stance:

Incorrect Torso’s Below; Croup and Withers should be same height:

Head and Ear Set:

Ears, Eyes, Muzzle, Jaw, and Teeth:

Tail Set:

Examples of Faulty Fronts and Rears:

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